The politics of reproduction

A film by Mathilde Damoisel

Format : 16/9 – 90’/52’ – color - HD

Production : Temps noir/Arte France

Between 1995 and 2000, more than 330,000 women and some 30,000 men were forcibly sterilized in Peru. Peruvian government officials, South American decision makers and Western leaders saw these poor and illiterate Quechua Indians as the great new threat to the future of mankind.
A Woman’s Womb, an investigative documentary designed for prime time broadcast to a wide general audience, denounces the scandal of voluntary or forced population control policies. It takes the first close-up look at abuses that recall some of the darkest chapters in human history.
For the very first time, our film puts women at the heart of the great challenges facing human our world in the 21st century: development, immigration, environmental protection, rights. As it explores the maze of international population control policies, it sketches the outlines of a great battle that will decide the fate of our species. A worldwide battle that has only just begun.
Directed by Mathilde Damoisel (India in 2025) and produced by Temps noir (Cuba, an African Odyssey), this 90-minute film extends a long line of investigative documentaries with wide international appeal (Monsanto, Dignity Colony, Darwin’s Nightmare) that are committed to making the world a better place.